About John Kortum

Brief Bio

John was born on the west coast and thereafter moved to the Chicago suburbs. Growing up during the mid 1960s and early 1970s, he noticed the human body indicated health in visibly consistent ways. Regardless of race, gender or age, he recognized people with health imbalances had observable textural qualities in their appearance that healthy people did not. These textures only became accessible when blending his ordinary sense of sight with his sense of touch and he learned to “feel” with his eyes. Noting these observations at a young age, he knew the body had much to say and began a journey to translate our natural medical language. However, since adults seldom share their health concerns with children, answers did not come as quickly as he anticipated.

John entered formal study to gain understanding and integrate his medical awareness. While he achieved scholastic excellence, unlocking the doors to his medical mystery was not included with university curriculum. The deep stir of questions continued to call and prompted his departure from academia. Roaming the globe, he embraced an intuitive wanderlust and galvanized his perceptual freedom. People and places became his interactive classroom, experience and feedback became his wise teacher.

During his 20s and 30s, peers, colleagues, and relatives were forth coming about their health. Over the next decade, John correlated the textural qualities he observed with the corresponding major organs and systems of the human body. In 2001, he approached the conventional medical community to evaluate his medial awareness. Find out what happened next.  


John has been featured on television networks including A&E Biography Channel’s original series The UneXplained, The Dr. Oz Show, ABC News, FOX News, NBC News, as well as several radio interviews. He has conducted live demonstrations on camera and in conference settings.

John has facilitated workshops for over twenty-five years. He has been a residential trainer at the world-renowned Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia since 1998.

Perceptual Explorations

John continues to travel as an perceptual anthropologist, in search of locations where past or forgotten cultures applied natural sensory perception. The wake of intuitive clues adds to John’s experience base and deepens his understanding of structured awareness.

His travels in Europe led him to Paris, France, a city he has come to know and love. He often goes to Paris for inspiration and direction in writing.

Personal Interests

John’s roaming has introduced him to foods of all nations and a desire to reproduce elegant cuisine in his kitchen. He is interested in historic architecture and currently restoring his 1912 residence. He plays guitar, piano, bass, djembe, and jun-jun. He is working on a new book project, learning to speak Mandarin, while immersing himself in video production for his IMPACT Project series.

Kortum-Book-Cover-JPEG-300-dpi-WebsiteThe Kortum Technique introduces John’s perceptual framework for identifying health indicators. He also recounts his personal journey of educating the conventional medical community.

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