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September 2013

Seeing health problems before they’re diagnosed

Check out the demonstration on NBC.

Blending the senses: Medical intuitive sees disease?

See the demonstration here on ABC News.

August 2013

Listen to John’s Interview with Joan Herrmann

Listen to the interview.

Watch the Kortum Technique on Fox News

John meets with Dr. Manny Alvarez on Fox News for live demonstrations of the Kortum Technique. After the segment, Melissa had been diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse (cardiovascular indication) and Jessica had been diagnosed hypoglycemic (blood sugar indication). Watch now on the Fox News web site.

March 2013

Watch the Kortum Technique on the Dr. Oz Show

Watch now on the Dr. Oz website

August 2012

John Kortum On A&E Biography Channel

Watch John's episodes on A&E Biography.