The Kortum Technique

Imagine if any doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner, were able to identify disease processes in individuals just by observing their physical presence, without invasive or unnecessary laboratory tests. Suppose this kind of medical evaluation could also provide information relating to the severity of the health imbalance as well as prognosis. Furthermore, it could guide the healing process by identifying observable responses to medical, pharmaceutical, or complimentary treatments.

What if it would have an intuitive, interactive component that allows access to the deepest emotional and spiritual roots of disease? This amazing perspective would serve as a medical modem to bring people into a personal, experiential relationship with their own body system and reveal the unconscious motivations of their health imbalances. This comprehensive method would redefine our working sense of health and well being and illuminate avenues for medical / emotional / spiritual treatments; a truly integrative healing experience.

The Kortum Technique is such a health evaluation process and the product of John’s lifelong journey of perceptual discovery. It is an intuitively based, teachable medical assessment technique, that provides any clinician with the power to reveal encoded health information sequestered deep in the body / mind of each individual. The Kortum Technique also uncovers clues that may lead to early diagnosis and treatment of complex illness such as heart disease and cancer.

In 2001, John approached the conventional health care delivery system to evaluate his techniques with scientific protocols in place. He showed the medical research team how the body’s universal language of indicators is perceptible to the human eye in a state of integrative coherence. His results were 93% accurate for identifying health imbalances by simply looking at patients.

The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing, introduces the associated perceptual terminology of Indicator Topography, Kinesthetic Simulation, Sensory Aspect Ratio, and the theoretical framework with illustrations that form the foundation for the Kortum Technique. He explains how a member of the medical research team learned to incorporate the Kortum Technique in her own patient practice.

The Kortum Technique supports and augments the conventional medical diagnostic model and reveals heretofore unrecognized aspects of the body that contribute to the health of any human being. John teaches health care practitioners how to apply the Kortum Technique in their patient practice and works one-on-one with clients when conventional methods fail to identify health imbalances.

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