Introduction to Organ Indicator

Enter the unseen world of health and human body consciousness. John’s 2-day Medical Intuitive workshop introduces the integrative perceptual style that reveals the human body’s matrix of organ and system indicators. Discover how our universal code of health becomes visible to the human eye in a state of sensory coherence. Explore the perceptual applications of Indicator Topography, Kinesthetic Simulation, and Sensory Aspect Ratio that form the foundation of the intuitive assessment process.

John will demonstrate, through interactive lecture, video, photographic examples, and experiential processes in dyads and groups, how to perceive and evaluate the human body system. Experiment with a clinically established sensory scaffold to connect with the human body’s consciousness and your own medical intuition. Practice and develop your own perception skills to identify the body’s indicators of health imbalances. 

Over the years, John also formulated and refined “organ dialogue” with the human body in a clinical environment. These conversations revealed the collective causes for the breakdown of health. The medical research team confirmed the accuracy relative to the health history of patients.

Examine for yourself the underlying motivations for chronic and unresolved health imbalances and the body’s directives for restoring optimal health.

John invites volunteers on stage as a teaching opportunity for the group to observe and identify indicators. If you are willing to appear on stage, John will offer insight about your health in conjunction with the teaching opportunity for the group. If you are interested in a comprehensive body assessment or prefer receiving information in private, John is available for personal consultations after workshop hours. Contact John to schedule your appointment. Attending John’s workshop does not guarantee you will be invited on stage.

In the introductory workshop you will:

  • Describe and Identify Indicators
  • Locate Indicators on the Human Body
  • Correlate Indicators to Each of the Body’s Organs and Systems
  • Interpret Diagnostic Feedback
  • Evaluate How Perceptual Causality Relates to Unresolved or Chronic Health Imbalances

John’s Medical Intuitive workshop is available to everyone, no prior medical or intuitive experience required.

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