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The Hoffman Institute

The Hoffman Quadrinity Process is essential to the reclamation of self-actualization and self-love. I have yet to encounter a program of equal or greater efficacy.

The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute is the premier organization for illuminating the dimensions of human consciousness beyond our ordinary five physical sensory system.

Caves of Consciousness

Experience the natural power of reclamation in the Yampah Vapor Caves that John illuminates in his book.

Inspirations & Contributions

Pam_Coronado2Pamela Coronado has been involved in psi criminal work since 1996 when a dream provided her with the information needed to help a search party locate a missing woman in California. That dream and amazing chain of events that followed changed her life forever. “It was the day that Sherri’s parents threw their arms around me and thanked me for helping locate their daughter that I knew I have finally found my life’s work” says Pam. That passions remains. Visit Pam

paul_seligPaul Selig is a conscious channel and empath.  Author of the channeled texts I Am the Word and The Book of Love and Creation, Paul has been featured on the BIO channel series The uneXplained, countless radio shows, and facilitates workshops nationwide.  Paul supports his clients in releasing limiting patterns, healing and clarifying relationship issues and aligning to their own highest potential. Visit Paul

the_unexplainedA series from Executive Producer Doug Liman (“The Bourne Trilogy,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), The uneXplained is a documentary television series where authentic human mysteries are explored using metaphysical practices – one case at a time.  Each episode focuses on individuals faced with an unsolvable problem who’ve exhausted all traditional means until they turn to an expert gifted with mystical abilities and we follow them into the unknown…  The uneXplained

The Kortum Technique meet John Kortum's growing communityThe Kortum Technique introduces John’s perceptual framework for identifying health indicators. He also recounts his personal journey of educating the conventional medical community.

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