The Kortum Technique

People make the best decisions about their health based on the all information they have, but do they have all the information? Consider that diet, supplements, exercise, fitness, meditation, medical information, environmental toxins, and family health history only represent a fraction of your physical wellbeing. What if your awareness of health is not the only one? Suppose another realm of awareness lives within you, one that is natural yet unfamiliar. Furthermore, this awareness could inform you about the future state of your health.

In 2001, John approached the conventional medical community for evaluation with scientific protocols in place. A Clinical Professor of Medicine from George Washington University Medical Center and Adjunct Professor of Biophysics from Georgetown University School of Medicine, and an Adult Nurse Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist in Bethesda, Maryland observed John in a clinical environment. He was not allowed to speak to patients about their symptoms or complaints and did not have access to their health histories. He achieved 93% accuracy for correctly identifying previoulsy conventionally diagnosed health imbalances by only looking at patients.

The Kortum Technique is a term adopted by the medical research team who witnessed John’s performance in the Bethesda medical office. He identified the quality of health by simply observing a patient’s physical presence—often before an MRI, X-ray, Mammogram, or laboratory tests could detect any irregularities. His work also supports the healing process by identifying observable responses to conventional medical, pharmaceutical, or complimentary treatments. As testing continued, John recognized he could teach others how to see biological irregularities. He offers workshops that develop skills to recognize the human body’s visible indicators of health.

In his book, The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing, John introduces the perceptual terminology of Indicator Topography, Kinesthetic Simulation, and Sensory Aspect Ratio. He explains the theoretical framework with illustrations that form the foundation of the visual assessment process. His perceptual technique also uncovers clues that may lead to early diagnosis and treatment of complex illness such as cancer and heart disease.

The result of John’s lifelong journey is an intuitively based, teachable medical assessment technique. He works with clients when conventional methods fail to identify the source of health imbalances. His breakthrough method serves as a modem to foster an interactive relationship with your body system and reveals the unconscious motivations of health imbalances.

The Kortum Technique by John KortumThe Kortum Technique introduces John’s perceptual framework for identifying health indicators. He also recounts his personal journey of educating the conventional medical community.

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