Organ Indicators

Organ indicators are the human body’s way of notifying us of a health imbalance. Medical science currently recognizes signs and symptoms for example, jaundice, fever, rash, unexplained weight loss, pain and discomfort, and so on. These are observable and measurable manifestations, however, these conventional indications are perceived by the ordinary use of use senses. By the time these indications occur it is too late, the health imbalance has already anchored in the body system.

Detecting organ indicators requires a structured use of perception. One example of structured perception is blending your sense of touch with your sense of sight. Each of the organ indicators has a qualitative descriptions and relates to a specific body organ or system. Indicators are identified by observing these qualities or properties when looking at the physical presence of any human being in a structured perceptual state. This perception includes looking in the mirror at your own physical presence.

If you currently do not perceive indicators, most likely you are only using your standard sense of sight. You must blend your sense of touch with your sense of sight in order to feel textures when looking at primary indicators.

While some indicators are perceived in the body periphery, most indicators are perceived in the human face.

Author’s note: The most effective way to learn how to perceive indicators is in the presence of a human being. Video and photography can convey indicators and also may present challenges during your introduction to the body’s language for health. Once you have learned how to perceive indicators, they become accessible to you through video and photography, just as they did for me while watching movies and television as a young boy.

However, some people may not be able to attend my trainings, where I work one-on-one with people in front of the group.  I want to make indicator awareness available to the global community. Therefore, I have provided video and images on the internet for educational purposes. Remember, you are blending you eyesight with touch as you watch these videos. Using only your eyesight will reduce your ability to connect with the body’s language for health. – JCK

Prostate Indicator

Female Cardiovascular Indicator

Spine & Neck Indicator

Prostate Restoration

One of the Breast Indicators

Blood Indicator