July 28-August 3, 2018

Exploration 27 at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia

Are you ready to experience the power of a Different Overview?

Join John Kortum for a 5-day/6-night journey of self-discovery into the area known as Focus 27.

Exploration 27® (X-27) is a cutting-edge program that takes you beyond the limits of the Earth Life System. X-27 uses state-of-the-art Hemi-Sync® audio technology to help guide you deeply into Focus 27 where you can receive information relevant to your personal quests as well as insights related to the “larger picture.”

This is not John’s Medical Intuitive Workshop.

John does not conduct Medical Intuitive Readings at The Monroe Institute. If you are interested in a personal consultation before or after the program, contact John directly.

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