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The Kortum Technique

The Kortum Technique introduces John's theoretical framework of the body’s natural expressions of organ indicators. His book also describes his personal journey of discovery.

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Kortum Technique Book Trailor

The Kortum Technique reveals a cartography of human biology never before recognized and applied in a clinical environment.

Events and Appearances

John is a featured speaker at International Remote Viewing Association Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada June 27-29, 2014.

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Prostate Indicator and Causality

John explains the sequestered motivations for any organ imbalance. This video identifies a prostate indicator and what leads the prostrate to stray from normal biological harmony.

IMPACT Project

John illuminates the value of cognitive techniques to the worldwide health care community.

Revealing A Blood Indicator

John perceives blood indications in two ways. One way is when there is an illness in the blood and another way is when there is an imbalance with the blood's ingredient ratio.

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