After fifteen years of working with clients, John dedicates his focus to teaching and training. Due to his intensive travel schedule, he no longer maintains an office near Washington, D.C. He only meets with clients at training events or specially arranged consultations. If you are interested in meeting with John, click on “Work with Me” or go directly to the personal consultation page and read details before contacting him.

Do not reveal any information about your health in your communications. John substantiates the body’s language by knowing nothing prior to meeting. After presenting his translation of your body’s indicators, you may then share information with him about your health.

Be sure to confirm your correct email address otherwise he will not be able to return your message. Please be patient. John travels often and will return your message at his earliest opportunity.

If you are interested in learning how to perceive the body’s indicators of health and unable to attend his training, John’s book is a great way to explore your own perceptual abilities. The Kortum Technique describes the perceptual framework of sensory integration and illustrates many of the body’s organ indicators.